Robert Milnes: Shapes & Patterns That Question Cognition


Apr 01 2022 - Apr 30 2022

Robert Milnes Studio focuses on sculptures that are based on combinations of positive and negative, volumetric shapes with surfaces that include binary symbols based on Morse code and other systems of representation, such as brain wave patterns, labyrinths and mazes, and phrenology charts. The sculptures and surfaces question symmetry, order, and how we express that we think we know something.

Milnes’ work is influenced by his studies in philosophy, particularly the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, the 20th century Austrian philosopher, and more recently, the writing of Israeli philosopher Yuval Noah Harari. Other significant influences include the ceramic, stone, and wood carvings of cultures in Asia, Central, and North America. They reflect appreciation of many contemporary artists working in clay and other materials as well