Celia Reigle: Out of My Mind


Aug 05 2022 - Dec 23 2022

Gushing and trickling out of Celia Reigle's mind, this body of work is a story never told before about the search for freedom, welcoming accidents, and giving up control of one's thoughts. "Ideas don't inspire me," she says. Textures, colors, images, and what people live and see are her main source of inspiration.

Like a dance with mystery, beauty, and strength, Out of My Mind invites you to see with different eyes. It is created the same way one can discover it: Suddenly! Something happens when you decide to let go and search behind for what is alive.
Celia Reigle migrated to Oregon from Havana, Cuba alone as a teenager, proclaiming it the "biggest adventure of my life.” Now, her imagery takes you there, into a space where anything is possible, without boundaries or rules, where you no longer need to be in your mind.