All Things Great and Small


Nov 20 2022 - Dec 31 2022

Great things come in small packages and brilliant artwork is no exception. As we close another year, consider how in our homes and on our hearts, the smallest nook or wearable art can resonate with a subtle, yet deliberate, impact. We draw ourselves in. How we feel about the people, the places, and the things with whom or what we surround ourselves are the focus of our intentional, or most times most inadvertent, daily meditations. These selected works by 8 artists were made to either wear on our hearts or adorn our other most sacred spaces. Home is where the heart is...after all.

Artists in this show: Denby Dale, Jeri Mitriani, Barbara McGuire, Vared Pasternak, Rhona Polonsky, Andi Sustrin, Reuben Williams, Caroline Renée Woolard.